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Responsive Web Design & Development Services

The online world is forever expanding, as are the options for accessing it and the opportunities for profiting by it. In order to tap the full potential of this growing resource your online presence must be cross-platform compatible, and your commercial website must be designed to look good not only on a computer screen, but also on a tablet and a smart-phone.

A professionally designed commercial website will tell potential customers about your business or organization, while generating a call to action that will result in the sale of your products, either directly or through inquiries. So, by making your information more accessible to more people you will access a larger sector of your potential market and increase sales.

Being found online is as important as content, and you will only profit from Internet promotion if Google and the other search engines find on your website the products or services your potential customers are looking for. To succeed in that goal, you have to know the wants and needs of your potential customer and how to attract them to your website in order to satisfy those desires.

Our team members at 3B Solutions write effective copy, compose and shoot inspirational photographs, record informative promotional video, and package it all together in a Responsive Design formatted website that will be accessible through any type of computer or mobile online device. That professional collection of skills is what will make your website stand out and be noticed above those of your competition.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about posting signs for your business on the Internet. If they are not in high-traffic areas and affixed in a reliable way potential customers will not find you.

SEO can make or break a business today; however, despite its importance, to many entrepreneurs it is simply a foreign language.

With proper coding, and through the use of professional online tools, our team at 3B Solutions can ensure that your website is positioned and remains on top of the search engine listings whenever a local client is looking for the type of product or services provided by your business.

As is the case with most computer technology, the science of SEO is never stagnant, and the rules change regularly. Previously acceptable practices of promotion are now frowned upon or completely banned. As such, you need the services of a professional to ensure that your business is not accidentally blacklisted or blocked.

There are no ‘miracle techniques’ that will guarantee a page one placement overnight on Google. Today online promotion is about organic SEO; wherein the website obtains a natural ranking based on a carefully orchestrated combination of keyword analysis, back-linking, link building to generate popularity, and written content that is relevant for human readers and computers alike.

This science of self-promotion requires the correct skills, an intimate understanding of the Internet, and the right tools for the job; all of which are available only through a professional online promotions company like 3B Solutions.

Social Media Marketing

It was more than 40 years ago when Canadian Sociologist Marshall McLuhan predicted the arrival of Social Media when he noted: “The medium is the message.”

Social Media is to business today what newsletters were in the 80s and websites became in the 90s. It is a popular, powerful, and versatile means of promotion that keeps you in touch with both established and potential customers. In addition, links can be generated to videos on YouTube, pictures, coupons, articles, and newsletters. There really is no limit.

Facebook provides a business owner with the ability to instantly reach an unlimited number of ‘friends’ with updates like a new sale or an event. They can also use ‘likes’ to judge the success of their marketing. Meanwhile, Twitter allows the entrepreneur to instantly update customers with short messages about immediately relevant happenings, such as the delivery of new product or a surprise visit by a celebrity.

Social Media needs to be coordinated and well written. Twitter demands brevity; however, that does not mean that the professional business owner has to lower themselves to short forms, symbols, and iconic facial gestures. Twitter can be used to whet the appetite, while the main content can be made available through links to Facebook or other Social Media.

During the past ten years social media has exploded with hundreds of new services ranging from chat to picture and video sharing. Social Media can be overwhelming, which is why our team of media experts can help.

E-Commerce Web Development

E-Commerce provides the security and convenience needed to inspire customers to make purchases directly from your website. This virtual shopping can free the business owner from needing a store front operation, while allowing more entrepreneurs the convenience of working from home or through shared office space.

E-Bay, Amazon, and Indigo are massively profitable E-Commerce websites that rely almost exclusively on Internet sales. However, stores ranging from Staples to Lowes and everything in between now offer the option of online purchasing in order to meet the needs of their customers who would rather not travel to the store, especially in the winter.

Impulse items do well on E-Commerce websites, as do clothing and electronics, which makes sense as this new form of electronic pick and purchase has replaced the Sears and Eaton’s catalogue of past generations. The consumer simply sees what they like and they order it for delivery.

E-Commerce is now available to all businesses through third party distributors like Amazon and E-Bay, but if the provider wants to go it alone they need only to set up a PayPal merchant’s account which they link to their website shopping cart. Larger E-Commerce traders can create a merchant’s account directly with Visa and/or MasterCard and save themselves the service fees of those third party services.

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