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Video Production
Video remains the most versatile and trusted means of communications and promotions ever known throughout the history of man. It has kept us up to date with worldwide events, entertained us... Know More
Web Services
The Internet now offers more options for profit, but in order to benefit your website must be cross-platform friendly, and it must be designed for both the computer screen and mobile devices. Know More
Our team at 3B Solutions work with businesses and organizations to help them develop and implement a plan for branding and promotion that will propel our clients out in front of their competition. Know More
Graphic Arts
A properly composed graphic design will inspire action from potential patrons, while a poor one will communicate an image that is contradictory to the best interests of your company. Know More

3B Solutions

Building Better Branding

3B Solutions, located at the Big Blue Box Studios in Barrie, Ontario, is a creative collection of both enthusiastic and highly experienced professionals from all areas of media who together offer more than 40 years of international experience in various aspects of branding and promotion. Their profiles span the globe, and include work in areas ranging from journalism and documentary production, to website design, social media, on-line promotion, graphic arts, photography, animation, and more.

Ours is a fast moving industry that is fuelled by both innovations and technology, so we embrace the enthusiasm of youth, and temper their passion through the guidance of experience and proven professionals. The end result is that our clients are always on the cutting edge, but are never put in a position where the media becomes more important than the message.

We then provide our team members with the latest technology and tools of communications that they use to the fullest to promote our clients through whichever combination of media best serve their needs; thus ensuring that consistency is maintained, as quality control remains within one building – or one Big Blue Box.
Our Latest Work
Our repertoire of work is widely diversified
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3B Solutions offers over 40 years of combined branding and media experience.

We are each experts in our fields, and we can bring our combined skills as a team to benefit you, our client.