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This is what our clients have had to say.

The greatest compliments and sources of constructive criticism of our services come from those who have worked with us by utilizing our services. We are therefore very proud to say that 3B Solutions holds a rating on Facebook of 4.9 based on 27 reviews and that on Google our charitable division, Five Points Media / The OCANetwork has earned a rating of 4.6 stars based on 19 reviews.

Throughout the past decade, our crew has been noted by the independent consumer advocates of
"Three Best Rated" as being a top videographer in Barrie and Central Ontario.

Commercial Production

Video production is a specialized trade like any other, and you need to know that the person or team you are hiring will get the job done quickly, professionally, and with respect for all those involved in the process. After all, it is not unusual for entire production lines to be disrupted by the camera crew, so you want them in fast, to light the scene and get the required shots without undue delay.

Our Producer has worked on upwards of 5,000 productions, including documentaries in the wild and war correspondence, so our team knows how to move to the pace required by our clients.

We have not made a habit of asking our commercial clients for video testimonials, but when we suggested the idea recently, two of them were happy to comply. Others have volunteered and will be featured here soon.

Community Programming

We take great pride in the services we have provided to the community as Five Points Media and the OCANetwork. These programs were often donated by 3B Solutions or sponsored by local community businesses, and they were all recorded by the same crew and equipment used to produce commercial programming for the clients of 3B Solutions.

We have donated more than 300 videos to more than 190 charities and community groups.

The comments made by people included in this video were very organic, as in most cases we did not even suggest recording a testimonial. For the most part, the clients suggested recording their gratitude based on nothing but their appreciation of our work, as they wanted the people of our region to know who we are and how committed we are to our community.

In 2020 our Producer and crew were chosen as one of three finalists in the Barrie Chamber of Commerce
"Paying It Forward Award" for altruism.

All of our production equipment is designed only for professional video production.

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