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Video is the most powerful tool available for promoting private health care facilities and charge-per-use clinics that depend on business from paying customers who need services not covered by medical insurance.

Some of the more obvious examples are sports medicine, medical aesthetics, and weight loss clinics; however, most other medical, dental, and naturopathic practitioners can share equally in the strengths of this influential and versatile tool of communications and promotions.

Every field of medicine can utilize video to help put a patient at ease, or to convince them to undergo a specific treatment. Video can show the effects of treatment, and there is nothing more convincing than an actual case study demonstration of the before and after of a process that will resolve the patient’s painful or embarrassing issue.

Any person who is suffering pain or discomfort wants to know what will help them. Video can collapse the time frame of a proposed treatment, compressing days or weeks into a few minutes of viewing. The treatment can then be understood, freeing the patient to agree to the procedure.

Our team at 3B Solutions has considerable experience producing videos for medical clinics, including several produced in the French language. Those videos covered a wide range of medical conditions and procedures, including surface level surgery.

The same production techniques can be used to record and present any kind of medical procedure, which can then be made available online and through DVDs or other portable media.

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