Branding Services

Business Branding Services

Our team at 3B Solutions work with businesses and organizations to help them develop and implement a plan for branding and promotion that will propel our clients out in front of their competition.

We accomplish this by utilizing the skills and knowledge that our team members have earned through more than 60 years of combined experience in Canada and abroad working in virtually every form of media, and a variety of businesses and industries.

That experience enables us to guarantee to our clients that their message will reach their prospective customers and that the professional image of their business or organization will remain consistent and appealing. We work to ensure that our clients always look their best, and we assist them in maintaining a better connection with their existing and potential customers.

Our core services include branding, responsive website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, video production, photography, creative writing, graphic arts and animation.

By offering this range of promotional services under one roof we are able to reduce the cost for our clients because the artwork and the message remain consistent, and we do not have to reinvent the wheel whenever we switch from one media type to another.

Logo Design

An effective logo is much more the product of psychology than art, which is why the design and colour scheme are so important. A logo should be simple, yet communicative, and it must represent the business or organization in a complimentary manner while calling the potential customer to action.

Our own 3B Solutions logo is a good example of this philosophy. The ‘3’ and the ‘B’ are one and the same, as when combined they communicate ‘Building Better Branding’. The three ‘legs’ are indicative of a video or photographic tripod, while the metal sheen infers technology. The open left side glides the eye into the logo in the standard direction of reading, while the enclosed ends of those inbound channels hold the viewer’s attention. Finally, the double rounded curved front is a well-established shape of comfort.

Our in-house graphics artists and internationally experienced media experts confer with our clients regarding their intended message. Then we assess their target demographic, geographic target market, and other matters that will affect the impact and durability of their logo. We then offer various options based on those discussions, from which the client will choose what they feel best suits their business or organization.

Brand Control

The key to successful branding is consistency. A carefully maintained brand, used across all media, helps consumers to imprint your business into memory, generating instant recognition. Branding does not cost money, but rather generates income.

An eye-catching logo and your product or company name in an easy to read font and planned color scheme will make your business recognizable and appealing to potential customers.

Few companies have succeeded in effective branding better than the McDonald’s Corporation, as the “Golden Arches” have been an instantly recognizable brand for more than four decades. That success is fully attributable to the philosophy of consistency, as throughout all of that time McDonald’s has maintained the same logo and a consistent colour scheme throughout the decor of their restaurants, within their packaging, when shown in their TV commercials, and in their printed advertising. The resulting sense of familiarity and comfort has enabled McDonald’s to grow and to mature with their intended target market, so that the children they attracted forty years ago through Ronald McDonald and his friends now continue to come to the McCafé of today.

At 3B Solutions we provide our clients with one-stop-shopping through which we maintain the consistency and clarity of their branding. Their branding is maintained across all media, making it instantly identifiable throughout any and all media used by our team to promote that company or service.

That consistency also makes the all-important impact on their target market(s) and creates the brand recognition required in successful marketing.

What We Do

At 3B Solutions we cross promote our clients using a variety of media, including websites, social media, video production, photography, creative writing, graphic arts and animation.

Our ability to provide all of these services from within our production facility eliminates the often overwhelming problem of communications between various providers who offer only one service. Our streamlined process also optimizes the time required to get the job done, which dramatically reduces costs for our clients.

Most of our clients choose to deal exclusively with the members of our team for all of their media and promotional needs. That arrangements gives them the flexibility to output a new message about their business or to make updates as are required, which our communications experts then make consistent across all forms of media being used to promote them.

By working exclusively with 3B Solutions our clients are confident that the message they send is consistent across all platforms of communications; ranging from the artwork and colours, to the style and feel of the communication.

That ability to provide consistency is key to the success of any branding project.

Our Own Best Customer

At 3B Solutions we know that our unique branding and business promotion techniques work, because while our clientele have enjoyed an increase in sales of 40% from the implementation of some of our services, our all-out approach to innovative self-promotion has resulted in a five-fold, or 500% increase in business for 3B Solutions during the past 12 months.

It was in November of 2013 that internationally experienced video producer / director John Ironside began the process of recruiting the best local talent, both young and experienced, who brought with them various skills, including responsive website design, social media, photography, videography, graphic arts, and even special effects and makeup.

As a result of the introduction of those news skills, which added decades of experience to our collective coffers, and the establishment of a round table cooperative attitude, 3B Solutions was fully re-branded; including a new logo, a responsive website, the establishment of a distinct image, a new direction of promotion, and a fresh attitude. This collaboration of Barrie’s most skilled media and branding professionals working together for the betterment of their clients and themselves also resulted in 3B Solutions rising from obscurity to city-wide recognition.

A year ago 3B Solutions was essentially two people struggling to establish a niche market during a time when self-promotion was seen by many to be a luxury. Now, we are a team of eight distinctly specialized media experts who work with and complement each other as a team so we can provide a variety of effective branding and media options to companies large and small; including the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce for whom we have become the go-to team for media services.

Unique Branding

When branding consider the power of a unique impression that will instantly make you remembered. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a good example of unique branding in action, as in this age of peanut paranoia they have branded themselves as goober ground zero; not only by cooking their fries in peanut oil, but also by scattering the nuts throughout their restaurants. Peanut allergies affect only 1.1% of their potential customers.

For 35 years our studio was a small, grey, nondescript rental property. In 2010 we saw its potential for business, as the intersection is used by more than 20,000 people every day. City bylaws zoned our corner as residential; however, in all directions buildings were used openly as commercial. The zoning was badly outdated as the community had grown faster than the expectations of city planners.

A large sign was needed; however, ‘residential’ zoning permitted only a plaque about one foot square. We needed a ‘legal’ alternative. So, we read through Barrie’s bylaws, and learned that we could decorate our ‘house’ as we desired, and that we could post a sign identifying the building.

We needed a name that had three ‘B’s and an ‘S’. Our producer is a British born Canadian who grew up watching Dr. Who; a British science-fiction series. In that program ‘The Doctor’ travels the galaxy in a ship called the TARDIS; which is camouflaged to look like an old English police box. One day it hit him that ‘The Doctor’ is known as ‘the madman in the big blue box’. The rest is history.

Our unique building is part of our promotional materials, and it appears in all of our video productions. ‘Big Blue Box Studios’ is also the most used search engine inquiry relating to our business. Through innovative thinking we turned a potential negative into an profit earning positive. How can this kind of originality help your business?

Creative & Professional Writing Services

Writing is a skill that requires knowledge of the language, the ability to tell a story, and imagination. Just as a computer cannot create art, no amount of silicon and clever software can ever be counted upon to write, edit or proofread promotional materials for your business.

How we communicate is rapidly evolving, yet the skills required to write a message that will be remembered have stayed the same; someone must first create the message and then develop the best means by which to communicate it.

When utilized effectively, the written word remains a very powerful medium of communications. This is especially true in this electronic age, as sadly these skills of written communication are waning due to the need for brevity, and the introduction of a new simplified language for email and texting.

Today, messages are often underdeveloped and badly constructed, and few business owners have the time to compose the language that will effectively sell their product or service. It is for this reason that well-written copy stands out in such a positive and memorable way.

When the prose of a wordsmith are combined with the trained eye of a photographer and the visual skills of a graphic designer, the result is a professional image that will generate desired results and revenues from customers both established and new.

Business Branding Packages

Branding is a creative process that must be custom tailored for each business. As such, no two ‘packages’ can ever be exactly the same. It is however possible to offer accurate estimates of potential investment based on an understanding of the time and resources required to produce the most effective results.

The main advantage of 3B Solutions is that we offer a wide variety of media. This eliminates the risk of watering down the message or brand of our client, which often occurs when the website is created by one company, printing is designed by another, and video or photography are produced by a third. Errors in communications weaken the brand while costing time and money.

The members of our team have worked internationally in virtually every form of media, and our cross-medium experience enables us to guarantee consistency in a client’s brand. We also save our clients’ money by creating all files at a higher quality than is demanded, which ensures consistency while guaranteeing the file is available if needed again.

Only those businesses that create and maintain a solid brand will survive in this highly competitive market. It is for that reason that all entrepreneurs need the services of media professionals like our team at 3B Solutions; who have the training, the knowledge, the experience, and the professional level equipment required to produce an image that will effectively grow any business. 3B Solutions is here to help new and established businesses to attract customers and grow their business.

Personal Branding

Branding is not only about business. Sometimes it is very personal. A recent study featured on LinkedIn discovered that 92% of career recruiters hired mostly people they knew, or those who were referred to them by others in their business. The same mentality is known to exist in the highly competitive fight for athletic and academic scholarships, and when seeking support for research.

So, how do the other 8% of us get noticed for who we are and what we can offer? Although you will never completely defeat the influence of nepotism, you can benefit and profit by owning and controlling your own image through effective and consistent personal branding via professional online promotion, video, photography, and social media.

Personal Branding is much more than owning the Internet domain of your name. It is about creating and professionally maintaining a consistent image though your personal website, your public social media, videos you post, and the media buzz you generate.

Recruiters for sports teams do not travel game to game the way they used to. Now they go on YouTube to see videos of top potentials, which they find as the result of effective Search Engine Optimization of a professional self-promoting website. Personal branding is a process that is learned through years of media experience, and the biggest mistake possible is to try to promote yourself. None of us are objective about who we are or our abilities, and the all-consuming desire to “save” money will result in long term loss, as you could easily lose the scholarship, the career changing job, or the bursary for research to somebody who committed the resources to professionally brand themselves.

Branding for Medical Aesthetics and Spas

The Medical Aesthetics and Spa industry is booming, regardless of the slowdown in most of the rest of our economy, and the reasons are simple; people like to look good, and in today’s workforce they have to look younger and more refreshed to stay competitive. The only thing holding back many aesthetics clinics and spas is competitors who have invested in Building Better Branding.

Whenever a market is making money copycat businesses spring up to cash in on the established market. The true professionals need to stand out as the only real option for services; however, the challenge becomes how do you reach potential clients when your area of expertise is aesthetics and not branding? Are you really the right person to layout and create brochures, or to shoot and edit essential videos, or to create a responsive mobile-friendly website that will call potential clients to action?

The successful entrepreneur sees the answer as clearly as hiring a mechanic to fix their car or a plumber to repair their broken pipes. Branding is a process that can make or break any medical aesthetics clinic or spa, with poor promotional materials costing the owner more than their car or even their home. So, retaining experts who know your industry just makes sense. If you don't believe us, we refer you to experts from your own industry.

Our team has gained their knowledge and experience in the aesthetics industry through experience, as we have learned from the ground up while promoting four clinics in three provinces and we have succeeded in generating 40% more business for our grateful clientele in just one year.

How can your clinic or spa benefit from our unique collective knowledge and experience?

Examples: Dr. Maxine Wong, Toronto : Dr. Elzette Steyn

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