Examples of our Whiteboard and 3D Animation

Animation Services

Computer Generated Imagery has forever changed the look and power of visual communications.

CGI can be used to enhance a website or to create full blown sequences of character interaction for feature films. No matter what level of production is required, our skilled animators have the experience and the latest technology available to punch up any project.

Our elements and scenes can be created to exactly resemble anything in the real world, as well as items that do not yet exist. Fully functional mechanical and architectural devices and structures can be created with sufficient realism to simulate fly through tours or product demonstrations, and lifelike organic characters can be made to interact within virtual worlds.

Today's consumer is better educated and they have higher expectations. This requires businesses to offer the information needed to ensure customer confidence. CGI allows you to engage with and provide demonstrations to your potential customer; even before they contact your business.

In addition to fully generated imagery, our team at 3B Solutions is now able to offer our clients the ability to use their own pictures in order to add character based animations to their websites, videos, and point of sale interactive kiosk projects, or to add a virtual sales guide ‘avatar’.

When trying to promote or brand your business or organization a consistent and professional image is vitally important, but it often doesn’t hurt to catch the customer’s attention with a little imagination.

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