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Travel is an involvement oriented activity, so how better to promote and sell it than through a video that provides several of the stimuli associated with that experience?

Travel brochures are flat and lifeless, and no matter how good the photography may be they do not truly involve the viewer. Travel videos, however, sell by not only showing, but also by drawing the viewer into the action vicariously; which is what television has done for us all for more than seventy years. We are all familiar with that experience, so we inherently trust it.

Video is the only medium that can truly relay the sights, sounds, colours, action, culture, and vitality of the location, and that richness and diversity of content is what will sell the customer on booking that trip or package vacation.

Our internationally experienced production crew are familiar with shooting in locations around the world, and with streamlining the processing of obtaining visas etc. that are often required to produce video projects in other countries.

We also have on hand all of the equipment required to shoot on, over, and under the waters of many of our planet’s most beautiful locations. We are location shooters, which means that all of our production gear has been selected or custom built in our own facility to be both reliable and portable.

Our crew at 3B Solutions is prepared to shoot your vacation in any nation.

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