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Barrie, Ontario, and the community of Innisfil are a beautiful, growing community that is increasing in population at a rate of about five percent per year. Those new families need somewhere to live, and as such Simcoe County is now the base of operations for more than 800 Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

The local market is active, with first homes often being sold faster than they can be listed; however, in the more luxurious higher priced market the buyer must still be convinced to buy. The location of Barrie and Innisfil is a double edged sword, as although the setting is attractive, the distance can be daunting.

One way around this problem is online video of the home, through which the potential buyer can see the house through YouTube or a private video server; which is where I videographers can help.

3B Solutions is the only video production company known of in the Barrie area to offer true SteadiCam, as built by Tiffen; an image stabilizing device that is now a standard tool of production in Hollywood and commercial television production. Unlike copycat devices, which often work only with a consumer grade camcorder, the SteadiCam Pilot used by 3B Solutions is a full body mounted articulated arm that is physically attached to the camera operator. That device, when used by our internationally experienced videographers, enable the camera to float through the hallways of the house as if flying.

Ours is also the only known production facility to feature the AR Drone 2.0 flying camera, which can be used to fly up and over a property in order to gain aerial views of the landscaping.

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