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Photography & Photo Editing Services

Storytelling photography takes more than an understanding of light and shadow, or knowledge about Photoshop and the latest gadgets. The experienced event photographer is able to read the activity and know what is going to happen next, simply by watching what is happening around them. The true art of photography is telling an entire story in a single frame.

Our production team at 3B Solutions includes three professional photographers; all of whom specialize in a different area. One is experienced in beauty shots, such as portraits and nature, while another is a well-known photographer of adventure sports, and the third is an internationally experienced photojournalist who has documented news in places like Bosnia and the Middle East. If none of those are what you need we have friends who specialize in other areas.

At 3B Solutions we use only top-of-the-line professional grade digital and film photographic equipment, and we offer the availability of a conveniently located photographic and video studio.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let our photographers show you why.

Commercial Photography Services

Commercial photography is the art of composing a message through imagery. Therefore the message must be clear, concise, and creative.

People are tech-savvy, and they know what can be done with Photoshop. This has led to campaigns by some forward-thinking companies, such as Aerie Real; which is now openly flaunting how they do not digitally retouch photographs of their models. Communication through photography is a skill learned from experience that will never be a feature of any digital camera or computer software. It is an art that must be left in the hands of the professional, as it can only be accomplished through the skills of a trained eye.

The commercial photography services of 3B Solutions have been used to enhance websites, to sell product, to improve the image of our clients, to illustrate written materials, and to train staff. Our professional portfolios include advertisements in newspapers and magazines from around the world; and front line coverage of news and current events stories ranging from the dispute in the Balkans to the Gulf War.

WThe diversified experience of our team of photographers makes 3B Solutions uniquely qualified to assist commercial clients to reach both existing and potential customers. Our specially trained portrait photographer can assist with staff photos, while our photojournalist documents events in your warehouse or production area

Picture Repair And Enhancement Services

During the days of film the photographer had to keep both negatives and prints, and most of us simply were not that organized. As a result, negatives were lost and many prints became aged, faded, and ripped. The digital age replaced all that with easier storage, and it also made it possible for skilled artists such as those at 3B Solutions to repair and enhance what had been damaged by time or mishaps.

By using the latest in digital image manipulation we can not only improve an image, but also remove elements (or people) you do not want in the shot, replace elements with updated versions, add features not included in the original image, and even make you look better.

We are also able, through the use of specialized portrait technology, to alter a portrait image so that the subject looks well rested, healthier, more vibrant, and younger. This is useful when somebody forty or older is applying for a job that will require that they compete with younger people. Sadly youth is still valued over experience in a lot of businesses, so it is in your best interests to ensure that the pictures of you on social media and any self-promoting websites look their best.

This kind of image augmentation is no different than being injected with Botox, but costs much less.

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3B Solutions offers over 40 years of combined branding and media experience.

We are each experts in our fields, and we can bring our combined skills as a team to benefit you, our client.