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Documentaries are the most misunderstood form of video or film production, as they are seen by many to be exclusively the domain of current affairs issues when in fact they are simply the best means by which any business or organization can promote themselves by telling a story.

Businesses can use video to promote their products and services, and to provide training through instructional videos. They can also present professional video to potential customers through their website and via online video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo.

When posted online, a video can promote any product or service to hundreds of thousands of potential customers through laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Our corporate video production services have been utilized by medical facilities, educators, manufacturers, politicians, corporate security, community service organizations, charities, and a wide range of others.

In addition to having our own photo and video studio, 3B Solutions offers the latest in video production technology; including Sony high-definition broadcast quality imaging, SteadiCam, mini-cameras for extreme close-up work, and specialized sport equipment that can go anywhere, including underwater.

That kind of diversified experience and equipment makes our team at 3B Solutions uniquely qualified to assist any business in projecting themselves and their message through this very powerful media.

How can video be utilized to promote your business, and increase your sales?

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