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Professional corporate video production is much more complicated than simply pointing a camera, but when produced properly the end result can be a powerful tool of promotion, education, instruction, marketing, entertainment . . . you name it.

Video allows the potential customer to see the features discussed and to hear details while reading titles that reinforce the message; absorbing the information on several levels. Best yet, the examples shown are always perfect and immune from the accidents that can happen at a live demonstration.

Business video needs to be clean, well lit, and professionally shot using specialized audio and video equipment, and it must be polished on a broadcast quality edit suite that is able to add appropriate effects, titles, and transitions; to be rendered out as a finished product that is formatted for ‘live’ online viewing.

The use of ‘appropriate’ effects is important because no business video needs Star Wars like imagery just because the computer can create it. In the 1980s the small time producers of ‘Hee Haw’ were given a new video effects switcher, and they used it to the fullest. The next day there was a newspaper headline ‘TV Station Gets New Toy’.

What image is your company projecting?

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