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Old-School Social Media for Community and Charities

We have mounted onto the wall of our Big Blue Box Studios a back-lit sign that we call The Community and Charity Message Board, which we are using to promote all interested charities and not-for-profit groups and events in Barrie.

The Community and Charity Message Board, which is 4 feet wide by 3 feet high, is pointed directly at the intersection of Essa Road and Innisfil Street, which is traversed daily by more than 20,000 vehicles and pedestrians; according to City of Barrie traffic statistics

All area altruistic organizations are welcome to “write on our wall” for free, including community groups and places of worship of all faiths or denominations; however, messages must be about an event, such as a fund-raiser or meeting, and cannot be about any specific political or religious ideology.

Helping our society's most vulnerable

The Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie is unfortunately a much needed service for the most vulnerable members of our society who are trapped in the unpredictable cycle of domestic violence. Few people, and especially men, can comprehend what it would feel like to live every moment of your life at home in fear, but the staff at the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie understand as many of them have endured it and escaped; often with the help of others like themselves.

Last year our graphics artist asked our production department to video record the ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’ fundraising event for the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie. Our Producer happily agreed as he had been involved with a similar group in England that protected threatened women from abusive spouses and he had seen the horrendous effect such violence had on the innocent and defenceless victims.

We retained that video for several months, but it was not used until the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie contacted us again in June of this year, asking how they could use our footage to promote the event for 2015 and beyond. We then worked with their staff to arrange interviews with various victims of domestic violence and also local supporters of the the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie; each of whom offered both factual and emotional commentary that in one case included the story of a local Barrie humanitarian who had been killed by her former boyfriend.

Goodwill all around

Goodwill Industries is an international charitable organization that provides training, social support, cultural assistance, and even gainful employment to people facing greater than average personal and professional barriers. Those recipients of assistance range from the physically or mentally challenged, to those struggling with mental illness, the chronically unemployed, and new immigrants to the country. These people want to work and contribute to society, but they are held back by bureaucracy or by the issues of ‘normal’ society.

In May of 2015, Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario approached our production team at 3B Solutions, asking if our philanthropic policy of “Paying It Forward” would extend to their charity. Of course we said ‘yes’ and during the next few months, throughout the summer of 2015, we visited various Goodwill Industries facilities along with their liaison / producer and volunteer crew recording footage for a training and orientation video. In addition to interviewing various volunteers and staff, we recorded the primary recycling facility, the administrative training center, and the sorting warehouses.

Goodwill Industries finances its efforts by running second hand stores that receive donations of household items and personal items of every kind, ranging from clothing to furniture. As such we recorded a sequence showing the donation, sorting, and selling of one item; in our case a cute little stuffed monkey. We almost bought the little guy to add to the keepsakes of our studio, but he was so adorable he deserved the love of a child.

Silent Swim

Brenda Lussier is a courageous woman who during the summer of 2015 attempted and mostly succeeded in her goal to swim across both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as a fund-raiser to fight Cystic Fibrosis; a genetic illness that threatens both her brother and our producer's daughter. Such swims have been successful before, as is demonstrated by our documentary Swim for Dreams; however, in Brenda's case she is also completely deaf.

Our team at 3B Solutions volunteering our time to document Brenda's journey, and we provided other promotional services such as branding Brenda’s challenge and designing her logo. We were first introduced to open water lake crossings for charity in 2013 when we produced a documentary for Ashleigh Beacham; whose successful swim enabled the 15-year-old girl to raise the $20,000.00 she needed to send a five-year-old boy with leukemia and his family to Disney World through the Make a Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario.

On Saturday, July 18, 2015, Brenda successfully traversed Lake Erie, and in doing so she became the first deaf swimmer to accomplish that goal. She also set a record for the longest known open water swim undertaken by a deaf person. Then, on August 16, 2015, Brenda gave it her all in an attempt to cross Lake Ontario, but a shoulder injury from the Lake Erie crossing inhibited her from passing the final 5km into Toronto Harbour after Brenda ran into heavy currents that slowed her down, misdirected her course, and exhausted her resources. Those conditions caused the SOLO Swim officials to cancel the swim and to extract Brenda from the water. At that point, Brenda had swam non-stop and without rest for 26 hours and 16 minutes, and she had challenged and defeated almost 50km of the open water of Lake Ontario.

Our team members and those of Silent Swim consider Brenda's battle with Lake Ontario to be a victory.

Swim For Dreams

‘Swim For Dreams’ is the promotional title created by 15 year old Ashleigh Beacham of Komoka, Ontario, who in August of 2013 swam across Lake Ontario in order to raise $20,000.00 for the Make a Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario. The goal of her personal mission was to send a five-year-old boy stricken with leukemia and his family to Disney World.

John Ironside, our producer / director and owner of 3B Solutions, was contacted by an old school friend and asked if he would provide services, on a voluntary basis, to record the fundraising event as both videographer and photographer.

The internationally experienced documentary producer happily agreed, and spent the better part of two days and an entire night recording events on shore, on board the base catamaran, and from within the zodiacs that accompanied the young athlete on her courageous philanthropic voyage across more than 50 km of open water.

That video, which was financed entirely by 3B Solutions, will aid Ashleigh to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario. It is also hoped that it will inspire other young people to take on such selfless altruistic activities for the betterment of others.

Autism Awareness Day

Autism is close to our collective hearts as it directly effects our producer’s 14 year old son, JR (John Robert), and other children and young adults we know. Today, one in every 68 children is affected by the condition, which is a phenomenal leap over just twenty years ago.

Our team worked together in April 2014 with support groups like Autism Ontario and Kerry's Place to help spread awareness of “World Autism Awareness Day”.

n addition to posting a large sign on the busy corner of our studio, which was seen by as many as 20,000 passersby each day, we lit our studio up blue at night in support of the “Light It Up Blue” campaign that was initiative by Autism Speaks. As a result of that campaign, hundreds of famous buildings located around the world, and even some less well-known ones, are lit using only blue lights, with the goal being to improve Autism awareness.

Our Big Blue Box may not be as famous as some of its blue lit counterparts, but it is a pretty well-known building in our modest cottage community.


3B Solutions is currently developing 'Families Assisting Special Children In Navigating Available Treatment Everywhere'; a not-for-profit media production service through which our team will work to assist the families of special needs children

Through cooperation with medical experts and existing support organizations our team will provide a free central database of online educational support, which will be formatted to help the parents and siblings of children who are diagnosed with one of a number of debilitating or life threatening conditions.

The idea for FASCINATE (Films) came from the life experience of our producer / director, who is the father of two special needs children. In 1999 John’s five-year-old (step) daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. The shock and fear of that diagnosis was staggering, but then the couple found they were responsible for learning mostly for themselves what support was available; be it medical, financial, dietary, etc. That journey to essential knowledge proved to be a long, hard road to follow.

Five years later the couple’s son was diagnosed with Autism; however, by then they had been through it all regarding their daughter’s condition, so they had a good grounding from which to learn.

Fortunately not every family has the experience of going through this process twice; which is why our team is pulling together the people and services needed to help the parents of those children learn as much as they can as soon as possible after the diagnosis of any serious condition.

Call us today 705-828-5605 or email us at john@3bsolutions.ca

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